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Judith Orisa
Ntapia Asusu Igbo (Igbo Spelling Igbo)

Ntapia Asusu Igbo (Igbo Spelling Igbo)

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With the recent and trending assertions that Igbo Language will soon be extinct, there is a great need for every lover of the language and the tribe to wake up save the only thing that makes us who we are.

Language is the number one identity of any group of people and if we lose it, we are gone forever even when we will all be living. To save this great language, many have done so much via the production of bilingual and monolingual dictionaries, but the greatest question is this, can one read a dictionary if he does not know how to pronounce the words. Our people will always say that ‘Anaghi amu aka ekpe na nka’, which means that the survival of our language depends on the younger generation and those to come because they will be the men and women of about 20 years time when the projection of the United Nations will be coming to pass.

Like every other Spelling Bee competition, Ntapia Asusu Igbo will be packaged in a way that more children will be involved not for the gifts, but for the love of the language. It will take through a spelling journey that will remain at the top of the top of their memories for the rest of their lives.

It is a complete humanitarian project that will so far be kicked off in Imo State where I represent in the Face of Igbo Heritage. It will be packaged in a way that every secondary school in the state will have the opportunity to participate and because there will be no entrant fee, schools wont have any reason to back out from the competition.

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Judith Orisa

Queen Judith Nzubechukwu Orisaekeziem is a multiple crown holding beauty queen with a desire to make positive change in her time.

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