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Judith Orisa


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PRIDE OF FEMALE GENDER PROJECT is simply aimed at giving young girls and women an agenda in life by teaching them self-discovery, personal development as well as empowering them to do great things for themselves and the society.

Targeting girls on the streets such as prostitute; students and others who are stranded in making life’s decision, the project will use a tripod approach to ensure the ladies are inspired with physical examples, taught and then empowered to live a better life for themselves and their families.

With females always targeted in negative ways because of the general perception that they are the weaker sex, there is need for proper drilling for the ‘fragile’ women, especially the young and those who have already gone astray. This is simply what this project will be achieving at the end of the day.

With the Ada Imo seen as a role model for women and young girls across the state, this event will help to project her to a practical role model status by adding more values and virtues to her office and personality.

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Judith Orisa

Queen Judith Nzubechukwu Orisaekeziem is a multiple crown holding beauty queen with a desire to make positive change in her time.

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